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 Шановні колеги! Набуло чинності Розпорядження Президії НАН України  № 605 від 18.11.2021 року  "Про підготовку та розгляд звітів виконання проектів Програми
Can I have sex without the foreskin
The foreskin is the skin that seals the head of the "boy" of men, extremely important in protecting the "little boy" from harmful external influences. Quite a lot of men ask if
Gioi thieu ve phong kham da khoa Thai Ha o dia chi Dong Da, Ha Noi
Truoc luc Di toi kham, chac han chung ta thi co chung thac mac ve uy tin phong kham. La 1 co so dang duoc rat nhieu lan doi tuong de y, Phong kham da khoa 11 Thai Ha co tot khong , lieu co lua dao
Mui hoi nach co phai la benh di truyen
Benh hoi nachgay ra do viec tang tiet mo hoi duoi canh tay, kem doi voi do la mot vai tac nhan khac tac dong lam cho mui hoi xuat hien voi tan suat nhieu lan va nghiem trong. Vi mo hoi co chua rat
What does hematuria, blood in urine signal
Hematuria (hematuria) is the presence of blood in the urine. Many cases can be cured on their own, but patients should not be subjective because up to 95% of cases of hematuria are signs of some
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